Dilijan residents discussed the future of Dilijan City Park


A town-wide public discussion was held in Dilijan, where the residents of the community presented their vision for the future development of Dilijan City Park. The residents’ opinions, requests and wishes will become the basis for the comprehensive development program initiated by Ruben Vardanyan and Veronika Zonabend.


Public activists, entrepreneurs, representatives of city administration and communities, as well as guests and residents of Dilijan took part in the public discussion. The event opened a series of meetings with the citizens, which are planned to be organized in the course of the project.


The discussions were held in the format of a design game in which the participants were divided into project teams. Each team determined what the functional zoning of the territory should be, what infrastructural sites could be implemented, what tasks within the city life the future park should have, and what its name could be. According to the results of the discussions, each project team offered its own concept.


The renewed city park will be a motivator of urban transformations and a new center of attraction for the residents and guests of Dilijan. Now the park is already a multi-functional public space, where VereV functions — the largest rope park in Armenia, a cafe with social orientation Cafe #2, an artificial lake, a zone with rides (attractions), sports ground, and a workout zone.


Townspeople who were not able to participate in the meeting are invited to fill out a questionnaire at Cafe #2 or the Dilijan Tourist Information Center. On the website of the project, you can leave your contact information, share your ideas about the project by signing up for an interview, as well as find announcements of upcoming events


The organizers of the town-wide public discussion are Impulse Management Company, Dilijan City Park, and the developers of the project - Project Group 8.