International architects to develop Dilijan


A group of international architects, in partnership with Impulse Management Company, will be involved in the elaboration of a comprehensive development plan for Dilijan, initiated by social entrepreneurs Ruben Vardanyan and Veronika Zonabend. The program includes the development of infrastructure projects, construction of residential area, opening of new educational, cultural, leisure and medical centers.

The international team of architects visiting Dilijan includes Tim Flynn, founder of the architectural bureau Tim Flynn Architects, Udo Dagenbach, landscape architect and co-founder of Glasser und Dagenbach GbR, interior designers Serge Castella and Jason Flynn, and KMD Architects’ representative designer Chuck Chuljoong Kwon.

In particular, the architectural bureau Tim Flynn Architects was involved in the development of the project for UWC Dilijan.


A team of architects and designers discussed possible scenarios for the integrated infrastructure development of Dilijan. Among the themes considered were the concepts of creating a nursery and an eco-farm, a modern health-improving medical center, residential areas and apartments, and educational centers for kids. The future project for the development of Dilijan City Park was presented to the architects as well.