Tatev, 2022 Social responsibility

Environmental projects in Tatev

About the project

In cooperation with the Armenian branch of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the project of setting up the Tatev National Park, aiming to support the biodiversity of natural complexes and preserve historical and cultural sites, is being implemented.

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In parallel, the tasks of raising the environmental awareness of the population, creating conditions for regulated tourism and recreation, incorporating scientific methods of environmental protection, monitoring the ecology, and restoring upset natural ecosystems are dealt with.

Eco projects:

  • Optimisation of water supply in rural settlements Tatev and Svarants
  • Installation of waste bins in rural settlement Tatev
  • LED energy-saving outdoor lighting in rural settlement Tandzatap
  • Enhancement of road traffic safety in rural settlements Halidzor and Shinuhayr
  • Site cleanup around the Devil’s Bridge
  • Tree planting — more than 1,000 young trees planted already