Dilijan, 2022 Business management

Toon Armeni, little village

About the project

Located in the center of Dilijan, surrounded by picturesque nature, Toon Armeni little village includes a guesthouse with private rooms, a home-cooked restaurant, a co-working space, a number of cottages, as well as a small house designed in a traditional style.

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As a result of the growth of the tourist flow to Dilijan, there was a need to open a guest house with modern standards of service, but with the preservation of the traditional flavor and cultural heritage of the city. This place has become Toon Armeni. Initially, there was a residential building on the territory of the complex, it was converted into a boutique hotel while maintaining its historical appearance. Restaurant Toon Armeni is famous for its home cooking based on traditional recipes passed down from generation to generation. The restaurant’s large orchard, summer terrace and family atmosphere will provide guests with a good and authentic rest.


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